4th Industrial Revolution products for the Millennials Kids

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4th Industrial Revolution products for the Millennials Kids

Integrating Technology into Education Ecosystem

AIDoings- Maddy Wing bringing innovative world-class products to the market; designed and developed in India for integration of the technology with Education in Schools. In spite of these diverse engagements, our focus has never shifted from education. Ever since its inception, AIDoings has primarily been catering to education by integrating technology with the existing school/college curriculum.


‘Engineering is an art when learnt right with the latest technology trend in the world. MADDY is dedicated to revolutionising the way technical education is delivered in India. Dreamers by heart and technologists by profession, we are extremely passionate about our role in delivering excellence in technical education in schools and colleges across India. When passion meets purpose, the outcome is nothing short of a vision! And that is precisely how, the visionary behind MADDY ( A wing of AIDoings Research Private Limited). Started as a mere project is now a beautiful company making education effective, yet fun everyday! 

The Dream can only be Successful when we have great labs of AI/Robotics/Nano-technology labs in the school with experience technologist driving the programs. Its not just Technology but also non-technology aspects also like photography, painting, music, theatre. AIDoings is dedicated in achieving this and make a small step in redefining Education.


Kids of this century should love coming to school not run away from School..

Creativity Labs

“Group of Individual who are MAD about the upliftment of education system and a platform to share their views ”

Millennials Labs - Offerings



Combine with the latest in both AI and eye tracking technology with the “human touch” of good teachers. Our machine learning algorithms are able to recognise correlations and patterns in eye movement data, so they can quickly and objectively determine a child’s reading attainment. .



Mili will be like a shadow od the kids which can Intuitively understands and responds to the child's moods through the emotional AI which captures the various facial expressions and helps the Kid to come out the same, help in his/her homework. can help revise educational concepts. .

Purani Jeans

Purani Jeans

AIDoings will be building an artificial brain which takes a lot of inspiration from human brains, and building an ecosystem which is simple, easy to use and domain independent. AIDoings have a long-term plan to build artificial general intelligence (AGI) and based on the research we've already done, results we already have, we believe we can make a breakthrough...

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