Create a child companion in the fast moving society


  • Technology: Emotional AI, Eye Ball Tracking, Deep Learning, Computer Vision

Mili – its an Hindi name which came across from the Bollywood movie – “Mili”. Mili will be like a shadow od the kids which can Intuitively understands and responds to the child's moods through the emotional AI which captures the various facial expressions and helps the Kid to come out the same, help in his/her homework. can help revise educational concepts. .

Mili can also be connected to the School integrated system and it can help the kid in doing all the activities. Kids data is encrypted and completely protected. The ownership of the data lies in your hands as a parent and the school. .

Product Features

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Learning Easy and Interactive

Mili is sync with the curriculum of the school .Learning becomes fun for children and they enjoy their school lessons like never before.

Mili Can feel

Mili is engineered with emotional facial recognization, she can feel the emotions which the child goes through.

Mili Can Speak

Mili can speak out and have a interaction with the Kids.

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